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National Poetry Month!

April 3, 2011
by terpoets

It’s National Poetry Month!  Yet another reason that I love Spring . This month, I’m going to try and be as poetic as possible (despite the enormous amount of school/work/internship stuff that will not pause, even for National Poetry Month). What exactly does “as poetic as possible” mean? For starters, I want to take some suggestions from the Academy of American Poets list of 30 ways to celebrate. This week, I’m going to check “organize a poetry reading”   “read at an open mic”, and “read a book of poetry” off my list. You guys should all check off “read at an open mic” @ Terpoets Tuesday night, too! It’s going to go for an hour and a half this week.

For that last one, I’m finally going to finish Loose Woman by Sandra Cisneros.

This Wednesday, I will also be ditching my internship for the day to attend the Lannan Symposium at Georgetown University (“Writing Dangerously in Immigrant America”) with literary luminaries like Edwidge Danticat. I still haven’t figured out how I’ll get there on Metro,  but rest assured that I will.

I thought it would be fun if our board members and friends of Terpoets blog about their NPM activities on our website! Some of my friends have taken on the 30/30 challenge–30 poems in 30 days. Is anyone doing this? As a prose writer, I’m going to try and adapt that challenge into something that I can do without tearing my hair out. But I guess the point of NPM is to step out of your comfort zone, right?

Conspiracy to cheat on poetry with fiction aside, the month has been off to a great start so far. Friday night, Pride Alliance hosted the Salt Lines Poetry Tour featuring Denise Jolly, Sonya Renee Taylor, and Tara Hardy. I was happy to attend with some of my Terpoets friends, who read from their work before the event began. Sadly, Andrea Gibson could not make it for whatever reason. Last year, I was introduced to (and fell in love with) her work at Salt Lines. However, this event was by no means a disappointment. I was introduced to a new (for me) poet, Tara Hardy. Once again, Sonya Renee brought me to tears with a new piece about her dog that she shared with us this year.  Even dog shit can be a blessing, people. Remember that! Go to facebook and “like” Salt Lines Poetry Tour.

As a treat, Chris August and Natalie Ilum opened up for Salt Lines this year. Natalie will be back on Saturday, April 9th as a part of Sister Spit–another amazing poetry tour that we will be hosting @ Hoff Theatre. It’s going to be wonderful! We’re teaming up with Pride Alliance yet again for this event–check out the sick calendar of all the Pride Month events that they put out. Spencer Brennen did the artwork, look out for them on campus! The image looks like a scene from a postmodern fairy tale (to find the events, which are on the reverse, click here ).

On Tuesday, April 5th we will be hosting an open mic and Artist Marketplace at our usual time and place. More information about any and all of these events is available at and on our website. Our facebook page & website will be updated regularly for the duration of April, so please keep talking back to us. We really do try and respond to all of our comments. As always,  feel free to share with us what you all are up to this month! Let me know what events (on campus or otherwise) you guys are attending…especially if you are wearing your Terpoets t-shirt!

Jihan A