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TerPoets (ter-po-ets) is the combination of two identities that our members share, for we are Terps, and we are Poets (not necessarily in that order). TerPoets was established as the premier poetry organization on the campus of the University of Maryland, at College Park, with the express purpose of promoting, cultivating, showcasing, and creating poetry (defined widely to include songs, lyrics, music, literature, and even dance and other poetic movements, noises, etc.).

The purposes of Terpoets are to:

  • Bring the many talented (and terrible) poets of College Park together
  • To share our art,
  • Create art,
  • Work on perfecting our art,
  • Listen to, view, and read the poetry of others,
  • Perform for the greater community,
  • Bring poets to campus,
  • And establish an environment on campus where individuals and groups feel comfortable sharing some of their most precious pieces of poetry.

In carrying out these goals, the Terpoets are committed to abiding by all established University of Maryland codes of conduct.